This Zhamaqirk is a copy of the uncopyrighted book called « The Book of Hours », published by Ouzoonian House, Evanston, Illinois, in 1964, and it is the work of the Archbishop Tiran Nersoyan.
    In this HTML Book of Hours, I kept the original text, with the following exceptions :
    # 1 - Abp Tiran had taken the psalms from the Revised Standard Version, with some personal rectifications. This HTML Book of Hours uses, for psalms or other canonical Scriptures, the American Standard Version as it is. (Psalms only, have « LORD » or « YHWH », insted of "Jehova".) For deuterocanonical (apocripha) canticles of the Old Testament, the HTML Book of Hours uses the King James Apocripha . Both the versions were taken from the HTML Bible which means free versions, belonging to the Public Domain . For more explanations, see below.
    # 2 - Abp Tiran used in his Zhamaqirk the titles of the items only in English. The HTML Book of Hours keeps faithfully the English titles, but is has also the Armenian ones, both in original and translitterated to Latin alphabeth. To see their pronounciation (the Western one), please see the Glossary ( page VI ).
    # 3 - Normal text is written in black. Rubrics are in red italics. Propers are in black bold italics. Titles are in black CAPITAL  ITALICS. In darkened green are given the texts that are not in Abp Tiran's Zhamaqirk, but which were added as possible proper, for those pieces that Abp Tiran had left without resolution.Their rubrics are given here in italic darkened red.
    The American Standard Version HTML Bible and the King James Apocrypha, as well as « The Book of Hours » , published by Ouzoonian House, Evanston, Illinois, in 1964 , has been placed in the Public Domain, which means there is no copyright (nor can there ever be one). You are welcome to make copies and distribute this software freely.
    This HTML Book of Hours has a practical purpose. First of all, you are encouraged to PRAY, using its text.

    Because of the abuses, as author of this website, I have imposed some restrictions.
    1. You are forbidden to modify the formulas. E.g., if you have the text, "Remember also the saints and together with them, let us beseech the Lord ", you are forbidden to modify as, "Remember also St Ignatius and all the saints, and together with them...". But you may replace, e.g., "unto the ages of ages" by "forever and ever".
    2. You are forbidden to use these Armenian Rite texts during the Eucharistic Celebration of the Latin Rite, without asking the advice of a competent authority in the domain. (Mostly, the Great Litany [page 22] is NOT compatible with the Prayer of the Faithful of the Latin Rite !)

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